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Skatelinks Aggressive Inline & Rollerblading
LG Action Sports World Tour - Munich
Borja Fernandez (Spanien) - Mute Air
SAG European Challenge 2005
Berlin-Brandenburg Street Masters 2005
Rainbow Battle Rotterdam 2005
Rainbow Battle 2005 - Juniors
Platz Name
1. Rick van Huik (Alphen a/d Rijn)
2. Aaron Duindam (Katwijk)
3. Leonard (Katwijk)
Rainbow Battle 2005 - Seniors
Platz Name
1. Adil Farhouni (Almere)
2. Michel Bakker (Capelle a/d Ijssel)
3. Willem Zandvliet (Zoetermeer)
- DM Halfpipe Qualifikation
Platz Name
1. Richy Sedlar
2. Benni Drescher
3. Piotr Combrzynski
4. Andi März
5. Felix Herklotz
6. Eric Anders
7. Dominik Plotz / Karlis Bowman
9. Markus Gebele
10. Gerry Jusupoglu
RAZORS SUMMER SESSION 2005 - Halfpipe Amateure Juniors
Platz Name
1. Leroy Heim
2. Johannes Romeike
3. Gino Beecken
4. Tristan Bowman / Deniz Karaalp
RAZORS SUMMER SESSION 2005 - Halfpipe Amateure Seniors
Platz Name
1. Sidney Hansen
2. Christopher Dorf
3. Frank Romeike
4. Igor Eisner
5. Björn Lindemann
6. Matthias Kampschulte

- Street Pro
Platz Name
1. Dominik Wagner
2. Max Visser
3. Axel Dünnwald
4. Christian Weber
5. Andre Lepzy
6. Piotr Combrzynski
7. Andreas "Gagi" Wagenblast
8. Marc Stamer
9. Jelle Otte
10. Arne Dahlmeier
10. Benni Harmanus
10. Patrick Ridder
- Street Amateure bis 18
Platz Name
1. Benjamin Rhinow
2. Viktor Pillau
3. Karlis Bowman
4. Michele Wolff
5. Emre Ince
6. Sinan Shain
7. Marco Popp
8. Karsten Lindenberg
9. Sebastian Gawlita
10. Martin Gawlita
11. Dominik Zielke
12. Patricia Garves
13. Martin Wawrzaszek
14. Dennis Zolotarski
15. Andreas Löhden
16. Tristan Bowman
17. Gino Beecken / Kevin Meyer
- Street Amateure ab 18
Platz Name
1. Patrick Stark
2. Andreas Hildebrandt
3. Dennis Köhler
4. Dennis Pierzioch
5. Tran Quoc Vi
6. Björn Lindenau

- DM Halfpipe Qualifikation
Inline Vert Prelims
Platz Name Alter
1. Richy Sedlar 27
2. Dominik Plotz 17
3. Niclas Stephan 15
4. Benny Drescher 27
5. Karlis Bowman 17
6. Markus "Gigo" Gebele 30
7. Andy März 28
8. Daniel Parker 21
9. Sascha Reichert 24
10. Boris Peter 21
11. Dennis Dutt 25
12. Gerry Jusupoglu 49
13. Christian Reiser 15
14. Tristan Bowman 8
Inline Vert Finals
Platz Name Alter Punkte
1. Richy Sedlar 27 87
2. Niclas Stephan 15 85
3. Benny Drescher 27 61
4. Karlis Bowman 17 60
5. Dominik Plotz 17 59
6. Andy März 28 58
7. Sascha Reichert 24 49
8. Daniel Parker 21 48
9. Boris Peter 21 47
10. Markus "Gigo" Gebele 30 46

Schwarzwaldjugendspiele 2005 Inline Street
Inline Street Seniors ab 17
Platz Name Alter
1. Karlis Bowman 17
2. Tobias Wollmann 20
3. Daniel Parker 21
4. Sascha Reichert 24
5. Mile Rakic 19
6. Dominik Steiger 18
7. Florian Löffler 22
8. Patrick Rohrer 22
9. Michael Wong 20
10. Julien Lindel 20
Inline Street Juniors bis 16
Platz Name Alter
1. Alexander Timbergalew 15
2. Marco Sander 16
3. Laslo Sander 14
4. Oliver Schmitt 16
5. Daniel Zindler 14
6. Manuel Bürk 16
7. Andreas Sterman 13
8. Max Höfflin 9
9. Alexander Höher 13
10. Max Roniger 10
11. Tristan Bowman 8
12. Danny Cannobbio 16
13. Michel Durieux 11


Altersklassen: bis Jahrgang 1993 "Junior", ab 92 "Senior".
Beim Pool Contest gab es wegen geringer Teilnehmerzahl keine Altersklassen.

1. Christopher 'Murph' Dorf Münster
2. Sebastian Dreyße Halle(Westf.)
3. Frank Romeike Münster
4. Lukas Kosinski Münster
5. Philip Möller Münster
6. Matthias Kampschulte Münster
7. Peter Möller Münster

1. Tim Schulz Hamm
2. Sebastian Dreyße Halle(Westf.)
3. Frank Romeike Münster
4. Benjamin Vielhauer Gronau
5. Sven Delvos Osnabrück
6. Sascha Schulz Hamm
7. Lukas Kosinski Münster
8. Bartosz Pogoda Münster
9. Pascal Eickholt Münster
10. Matthias Kampschulte Münster
11. Ingo Steinke Münster
12. Peter Möller Münster
13. Maksym Morawski Münster
14. Manuel Eickholt Münster
15. Christian Schröder Münster
16. Damion Aykin Münster
17. Marvin Rasche Münster
18. Louis Ginda Münster
19. Dennis Hardam Münster

1. Michael Frank Hamm
3. Tim Schulz Hamm
3. Sebastian Dreyße Halle(Westf.)
4. Christopher 'Murph' Dorf Münster
5. Sven Delvos Osnabrück
6. Matthias Kampschulte Münster
7. Manuel Eickholt Münster
8. Peter Möller Münster
9. Dennis Hardam Münster

Miniramp Juniors:
1. Johannes Romeike Münster
2. Johann Galdobin Münster
3. Philip Möller Münster
4. Michel Durieux Münster
5. Alexander Hardam Münster

Street Juniors:
1. Johann Galdobin Münster
3. Philip Möller Münster
3. Alexander Hardam Münster
4. Michel Durieux Münster
5. Damion Aykin Münster
6. George Norton Münster
7. Macel Norton Münster
7. Meikel Kosinski Münster
RAZORS VERTICAL CLASSICS 2005 DM Halfpipe Qualifikation
Platz Name
1. Niclas Stephan
2. Benni Drescher
3. Richy Sedlar / Andi März
4. Felix Herklotz
5. Sascha Reichert
6. Markus "Gigo" Gebele
7. Dominik Plotz
8. Dennis Dutt
9. Karlis Bowman
10. Gerry Jusupoglu
NRW Open Halfpipe Contest (Amateure)
Platz Name
1. Christoph Metzger
2. Leroy Heim
3. Christopher "Murph" Dorf
4. Frank Romeike
5. Stefan "ILL Diz" Thun
6. Mark Waikam / Dennis Pollrich
7. Mattze Kampschulte
8. Christian Fedeler / Peter Möller
9. Phillip Möller
10. Ingo Steinke

Report in English:
RAZORS VERTICAL CLASSICS 2005 German Mastership Qualification
at YOU Messe youth fair Essen When Niclas performed his McTwist 900, followed directly by a Flatspin 900, the large audience at YOU Messe youth fair Essen were swept off their feet. With a clean and perfect run, Niclas deserved to win and he won the contest. But he has yet to stand up against Kevin Lopez, last month"s winner at Muehlhausen, and Patrick Zimmermann who came in only fifth at Muehlhausen, but who has just defeated Kevin at Cincinnati ASA contest. So both will be hopful to achieve top scores at one of the next RAZORS VERTICAL CLASSICS Mastership contests this summer. Besides Niclas and other well-known skaters, there were also new faces, or better yet, faces that some of us have been missing for a long time, like Felix Herklotz from Bonn, or Sascha Reichert. Karlis Bowman is maybe the one who made the greatest personal improvement this time, so the judges" decision was surely a deception for him. But it wasn"t easy for them either, and they had to put two skaters both on the third rank. There were nearly a quarter of a million people at the fair and most of them at the halfpipe at least once. The regional TV station WDR had a live coverage of the Halfpipe event, many other major TV station had reports, the BILD newspaper put it on page 3, and the biggest regional newspaper WAZ, which is sold in every shop and subscribed by most of the people, put Niclas Stephan on the frontpage on Saturday! Surrounded by crowd and media, besides Open Sessions and skate rental, there was still time for the NRW Open Amateur Contest, where all ages from 9 to 52 took part. Local TV "WDR Lokalzeit Ruhr" did its live coverage right at that moment, so this was maybe the first ever live coverage (although a short one) of an inline contest in German TV. The smoothest amateur run was done by 11 year old Leroy Heim from Gelsenkirchen, who came in second with just one point behind Christoph Metzger. Both skaters, as well as the third, Christopher Dorf ("Murph") can hope to take part in the next German Mastership qualifications.

RAZORS VERTICAL CLASSICS 2005 DM Halfpipe Qualifikation (Pro)
Platz Name
1. Kevin Lopez, Belgien
2. Niclas Stephan, Gelsenkirchen
3. Richy Sedlar, Gersthofenen
4. Benni Drescher, Gersthofenen
5. Patrick Zimmermann, Freiburg
6. Kiro Trayanov, Sofia/Bulgarien
7. Markus Gebele, Gersthofenen
8. Andi März, Gersthofenen
9. Karlis Bowman, Mannheim
10. Dominik Plotz, Stuttgart
11. Dennis Dutt, Backnang
12. Gerry Jusupoglu, Gersthofenen
Thuringia Open Halfpipe Contest (Amateure)
Platz Name
1. Dominic Binder, Augsburg
2. Tobias Wollmann, Aichach
3. Christopher Dorf, Münster
4. Stefan Bliedung, Sondershausen
5. Stefan Thun, Münster

Report in English:
RAZORS VERTICAL CLASSICS 2005 German Mastership Qualification
at Thuringia Funpark Muehlhausen 17 April was a massive event with top level skating, like Kevin Lopez with a McTwist 540 transfer over the 2 m wide roll-in, followed by an Alley-Oop 540 McTwist, followed back to back by a 540 Transfer back over the roll-in. Just as sick as Niclas Stephan's combo: McTwist 900 to Flatspin 900. For the first time ever in Germany! Benni Drescher did a McTwist 720 to Bio 720, and Kiro Trayanov tried a Flatspin 540 over the roll-in. The crowd was getting crazy because the series of mad tricks just did not finish, Richy Sedlar doing a 2.5 m high Backflip Indian Grab, and Patrick Zimmermann with a Frontside 900, and there were not only spins ... Kevin Lopez and Niclas Stephan grinded backside Shifty's from here to Bangkok. Markus Gebele did Soul to Topside Soul, Niclas Stephan did a Fakie 360 Shifty, Dennis Dutt a 360 to Soul Stall. Kevin Quintin, Stephane Alfano and the Dutch guys with Jerry Bekkers all had to cancel the contest, and the second Bulgarian, Nik Naidenov was injured and could not compete, but if they had come too, maybe there would have been just too many tricks for one day. The Thuringia Halfpipe, which is 4 m high and 17 m wide and has a huge roll-in, just offers such a good opportunity for vert skaters to give everything they can. They all agreed that this is one of the best halfpipes in Germany or even in Europe, and that it's worth a trip, even for street skaters who can enjoy the large indoor parcour at the same location. The very friendly Thuringia Funpark team helped everyone find accomodation for free or very low prices. Thanks a lot to them! The next RAZORS VERTICAL CLASSICS contest will take place at St. Georgen (Schwarzwald in the South of Germany), Bremen, Aurich (North Germany), and Frankfurt am Main.

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