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Rolling-Berlin YOU Messe 2010 Trailer
Don't miss this!!!! The Rollerblading Event 2010 at the YOU Messe in Berlin / Tempelhof! 
Präsentiert von der Skate Association Germany  
  • GRINDHOUSE Miniramp Masters FINALS
  • European Championships Halfpipe 2010 FINALS
  • German Mastership Halfpipe 2010


powered by:
Grindhouse, YOU Messe, The Conference, BE-Mag,, Razors, Remz, CapriShirt, Ampelmann GmbH, Camelot, Fritz
Grindhouse Miniramp Masters 2010
Check the edit of the first tourstop in Münster / Germany

Next Stopp: Bonn Rheinaue Info unter
Check Grindhouse, if you need some aggressive skates
EC Halfpipe 2010 Rotterdam
Pressetext EC-HALFPIPE Rotterdam auf Englisch:

The Rotterdam based outdoor skatepark Westblaak will host a stop for the European Championship Halfpipe skating on July the 10th.
The competition made a impressive impact in 2009 that the tour visits Holland again.

The Westblaak Skatepark in Rotterdam celebrates the 10-year anniversary in 2010.
The European Championship in 2009 is on of the biggest successes in the history of the Skatepark, and therefore the 10th of july wil be a celebration of rollerblading. Skaters from Germany, Bulgaria, France, The UK, Spain and of course the Netherlands will compete at the competition.
The first stop of the tour was held in Strasbourg, the results:
1st place Antony Avella
2nd place Kevin Quintin
3rd place Cesar Andrade
These professional Halfpipe skaters will also compete in Rotterdam on the 10th of July. Do not miss this event if you are passionate about rollerblading, extreme sports or competing in the Halfpipe.

Rotterdam will host a stop for the European Championship Halfpipe skating in 2010 on July 10th In 2009 the final stop for the European Championship was held in Rotterdam, after a sizzling competition Spanish skater Jose Pepe skated the best of all Europeans. He deserved the first place and untill July 10th of this year. The tour expanded this year with stops in France, Bulgaria, Spain and the finals in Berlin Germany. The organisation is very happy with the positive feedback from the Rotterdam council and planned a stop in Rotterdam for this year again. This year the stop in Rotterdam will be a "Premium Event”. This means that the points the skaters earn for their performance will double in the overall ranking. Rotterdam will be a very important stop for the skaters to compete and skate at their best. The skatepark in Rotterdam celebrates the 10 year anniversary in 2010 as well, together with the European Championship stop in July this will be the most memorable birthday of the Rotterdam based skatepark. We will celebrate this with the best Halfpipe skaters from Europe.
Edit from EC Halfpipe last year:
Highrollaz - Vert Rollerblading DVD - order now!
NEW! Review by Jo Zenk
For a coupple of years Thumper Nagasako from Hawai - one of the worlds best vertskaters - collected video footage from the international Inline-Halfpipe / Vert scene. The footage token all arround the world an big Events like i. E. the LG-Actionsports Tour or SAG European Challenge in Berlin - and also on sessions in Woodward and other cool skateparks.
It is not astounding that you can find all the big names of Vert Rollerblading. The Yasutoko Bros, Shane Yost and the 2009 World Champion Marco de Santi and legends like Sven Boekhorst demonstrate the current state of the art in Vert-Skating.

For all who maybe rollerblade themselfs or maybe just want to see outstanding skating in vertramps, the DVD is a must have! Especially now on starting the rollerblading year 2010 you'll get inspiration and motivation as a free bonus with it!

You can order the DVD on Thumper's Website for just 15 US $ plus shipping!
Highrollaz Vert Rollerblading Trailer by Thumper Nagasako on Vimeo.
Winterclash 2010 - Arena Berlin / Germany
Berlin 2010 Winterclash
In 2010 it is WINTERCLASH again!!! This time the Clash will be even bigger and more spectacular. The event will also be a public event in a well known location in the heart of Berlin. Be prepared vor a real killerevent!
Don't miss History! Go there!
YOU Convention - fat YOU Messe 2009 video edit

"YOU Convention" by Mathias von Gostomski / "YOU Messe - Grindhouse Spine Masters" by Kai Schmitz

Thanks to Braun, Grindhouse, YOU Messe, CityBKK, Europa-Center Berlin, The Conference, BE-Mag, Flying Colors, Numark, CottonClub, Razors GoJump, to all riders and everyone who has helped to make it possible! YOU 2009 Review -  youth exchange Skaters for Europe 2009  -

YOU-Messe featured on German TV: N24, Pro 7 and Sat 1

Report by Cesar Andrade on Brasilian TV:

Freshmilk TV Report about Rolling Berlin at YOU 2009:

Rolling Berlin Results
Ergebnisse der Halfpipe- und Spine Competitions

German Champion Halfpipe 2009: Felix Herklotz
German #2: Johannes Zenk

German Masters Inline Halfpipe
1. Cesar Andrade
2. Nikolai Naidenov
3. Leo Kamburov
All Results Spine and Halfpipe

Grindhouse Spine Masters
1. Dominik Wagner
2. Sven Boekhorst
3. Stephan de Freytas
All Results Spine and Halfpipe

SAG European Challenge
1. Cesar Andrade
2. Nikolai Naidenov
3. Leo Kamburov
All Results Spine and Halfpipe
Live-Update Rolling Berlin 2009
Here is a first glance at our Berlin event 2009. SAG's halfpipe was the center of the official press conference on wednesday, when world champion Marco de Santi did a show together with Cesar Andrade. We'll keep you updated with photos, videos and reports on and

Berlin photos by Martin Eves and Alexander Stock:
YOU Berlin 2009 Halfpipe and Spine Competitions - ROLLING-BERLIN!
Flyer Halfpipe + Spine-Ramp Competition Berlin YOU Messe October 9th - 11th 2009
3 Days Skate Session and Party @ YOU-Messe Berlin

- German Halfpipe Masters
 Ams und Pros 
Grindhouse Spine Masters - CruZer Spineramp
- European Challenge Halfpipe 2009
- Shopping with Powerslide / TheConference / BE-Mag
- Prize money and cool skate stuff
- international youth exchange Skaters for Europe
Friday 9. to Sunday 11. October 2009 on the Fairground BERLIN

Check: or (EN)

The Event is supported by: Braun, Grindhouse, YOU Messe, CityBKK, Europa-Center Berlin, The Conference, BE-Mag, Flying Colors, Numark, CottonClub, Razors GoJump
European Halfpipe Contest Montana Bulgaria 2009
Cesar Andrade: Backflip 180 over the Channel
At the qualifications for the European Halfpipe Championships 2009 skaters from Brazil to Russia had a battle on the highest level on the 4.10 m halfpipe in Montana, Bulgaria, like Cesar Andrade doing a backflip 180 over the channel on this picture.
1st Marco De Santi, Brazil
2nd Cesar Andrade, Brazil
3rd Rich Parker, England

All results of the Montana Contests ... Check the first Video by Kiro Trayanov

Roll Together Session 11 Switzerland
Roll Together Flyer 11
"Let's mess up the south!" - the 11th Rolltogether skate session will be a big one, with international skaters from different countries and continents. Also check out the list of sponsors and don't miss the session at Skatepark Frauenfeld in switzerland on 16 August 2009.

Check the  big Rolltogether flyer to see details and a colourful Grindhouse-Logo ;-)
Infos and reports on and, of course, here at / !
Roll Together 10 in Amersfoort: 2nd official video
Grindhouse presents: RollTogether 10 - Amersfoort 2009

Video by "Tom" a.k.a. Arkon, featuring Edwin Wieringh, Jojo Jacobi,
Daan Hegt, Patrick Justin Smith, Randy Abels, Etienne Vogel,
Daniel Gourski, Dominik Hammer, Eugen Enin, Tim Beckhold.
Roll Together Aurich Video
Rolltogether Session Aurich Playground Skatepark
Roll Together Session #9 in Aurich was a relaxed skate session on a sunny Easter Saturday. The the draw of the raffle in to support of SAG took place there as well. For everyone who missed the session, here are two videos of the Roll Together Session in Aurich / Germany
The ULIMATE Report - Inlineskating at the YOU Messe Berlin 2008

It was great, exciting strenuous, beatific, spectacular and much more! That was Berlin 2008! The German Championship Halfpipe, the SAG European Vert Challenge and not to forget the action in the streetpark - partially executed by RollTogether Session # 6! A sensational riders field of almost 60 riders from 8 European countries! I think you won't exaggerate while saying - it was the largest European event in inline halfpipe this year! Who wants to know what really was going on, may read the complete, ultimate and even self written report to the Skate Event 2008 at the YOU Messe in Berlin!

For all who tolerate only moving images, we have already a few edits:
The official XSK8 & German Masters Halfpipe & European Challenge PRO Edit

The official XSK8 & German Masters Halfpipe AMATEURS Edit

Also you'll find an edit of Sven Boekhorst here and the edit of the rolltogether session#6 here.

Pictures Berlin European Challenge & German Masters by Alex Hartmann
huge rocket air
Those are the first pics we got from our great photographer Alex Hartmann! More pics to come the following days! Hope you enjoy!

Halfpipe Contest Results

more images
Even more pictures: YOU Berlin 2008
New Berlin pictures!
We have received more updates from our photographers. Here are some nice pictures taken by Felix Eger. More updates will be released here ...
more images
SAG Berlin Vert Mastership EDIT
The fast as possible: hope you enjoy the edit. Check back next day for great pictures and a detailed report of the event!

German Masters Inline Halfpipe 08 & SAG European Vert Challenge in BERLIN from Magazine on Vimeo.
German Masterships Halfpipe 2008
And again 3 days of skating, party, fun and friends in Berlin at the YOU Messe! German Masterships Halfpipe and European Challenge 2008 and Specials in the streetpark.
We'll have a Gibbon-Slackline competition and the famous rollTogether session #6 and battles for prizes at the streetpark!!!
Plus Live-Bands in the skatepark and in the Halfpipe! Male sure to be there!!! Check the riders list! It is amazing already! CU all in Berlin!

Flyer German Masters Halfpipe 2008 & Rolltogether in Berlin

The event is supported by GRINDHOUSE & & The Powerslide CONFERENCE & Cottonclub Berlin Fabric-Printing

Info about the skate eventat YOU 2008
Helmets are required! Bring your own or rent one! The Retal of helmets is provided by KED 

You skate on all obstacles on your own risk!!!
Montana - Bulgaria - Big Vertcompetition
Also this year in Bulgaria there was a big Vertcompetition! The XSK8 Edit is out now:

download original file.

Official results

And check the video edit by Sven Boekhorst:

The Pro Competition won Shane Yost directly followed by Kyril (Kiro) Trayanov.
The Highest Air decided Alex Eastwood (GB) with a terrifying height.
The best trick did Sven Boekhorst.

Report Pics und Edit as soon available;) Thx to Marco, Arni und all the other friends in Bulgaria of AISA TEAM DISASTER  for doing this great event!

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